Fairy Tale in the Forest

Well, it's been a while since I've posted and I'm excited to share with you the latest photoshoot with a talented group of artists. Click here to jump down to the finished photos.

Earlier in February, Taylor of Beauty by Taylor, invited me to be the photographer and she skillfully brought a huge group of artists together to realize her fairy tale theme.  And they are:

As for the location, I chose Pacific Spirit Park for its renowned old growth forest and its accessibility. There are many points of entry into the park with street parking nearby which helps when moving lighting equipment around.  Here is a before and after shot:

Equipment List

The gear I used was fairly simple.  As usual, the most important factors are lighting, model placement and emotion. Gear list:

  • Canon 6D
  • Tamron 24-70 and Canon 85L
  • Canon 430EXII in a brolly softbox and a lighstand
  • Yongnuo 560EXII in a reflective umbrella and a lightstand
  • Camera settings - ISO1000, f2.8 or f1.4 depending on the lens to achieve at least a 1/100 second of a shutter speed for sharper photos.

Post Processing

The key here to achieving the final fairy tale look was to post process the photos through Photoshop.  To do this, I combined a variety of skills but there are some very good techniques that I combined from two different Youtube videos:

Like a good baking recipe, you have to start with the right ingredients.  In this case, a raw image that fits the end style that you would want to achieve.  If you want to add a warm glowing light, then there has to be some light that hits the talent from that angle or it does not look realistic.  Here are a couple of examples where I placed the main light off to camera right and placed a light behind the talent at camera left:

Then finally, adjust your recipe to taste and your style. Remember, the most important thing is to experiment and have fun doing it!

Here are all the edited photos from the shoot.  Take a look at Mark's page if you want to see his work.