Shooting in the Rain: Even when you least expected it...

Vancouver is a beautiful city and this is especially true in the nice warm summer.  And one of these many beautiful places is Stanley Park.  Here, I had the opportunity of working with Christine on a fashion shoot. She has recently moved back from the island to Vancouver and was looking to work with some new people.  

So what could possibly go wrong? Why mother nature of course!

Even before the scheduled start, the skies opened up and down came the dogs and cats.  At first, I thought for sure that the shoot was going to be cancelled, but Christine was completely unfazed.  So, I found this small area mostly covered by the trees and started shooting.

Fortunately, I was using speedlights that day instead of strobes and was able to hide them completely inside the softbox umbrella that I was using. 


I placed 2x YN560 manual flashes with a single Pixel King receiver inside so they wouldn't get wet. 

The small amount of rain actually added to the overall feel and Christine was a champ through it all!

Not 30 minutes afterwards, the skies cleared and we were able to get some amazing shots.

Christine was an awesome model throughout and I would definitely recommend her if you have any creative project that you're looking for a fun and professional model to work with!