Shoot on the Beach

Back in May, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with 2 great artists Luna Lin, the makeup & hair artist and Sophia Lam, the model.  I had worked with Luna before in a Meetup group and was very impressed with her work so I asked her to help me out once again on a beach fashion shoot idea.With Sophia, this was the first time I'd worked with her but she was a joy to work with.  

Despite everyone's best intentions to get to the beach on time, the makeup and hair took a bit longer than expected but it was worth the wait. Luna's work is exemplary as I'm sure you'll agree in the photos below.  

While I had initially planned for a backlit shoot with the sun in the background, it was still a beautiful sunset and hey, nothing ever goes according to plan right?

Before the shoot, I had asked if Sophia would mind walking a bit into the water and bring a towel.  Despite the fact that she forgot her towel, she jumped right in without hesitation. What a trooper!  

Thankfully, I had a spare blanket in the back of my car so no models where harmed in the making of these photos.