Shoot with Jennifer @Richmond City Hall

Back in February, I came across Jennifer's casting call on ModelMayhem for a headshot portrait shoot and we organized a shoot at the Richmond City Hall.  The thinking was that we could duck inside, stay warm and use the giant windows for extra light.  As luck would have it, it doesn't open on the weekend :(

In any case, Jennifer was a trooper and stuck it out in the cold and even took off her jacket for some different shots.  Of course, I didn't want to waste her efforts and worked fast.  Normally, I could have used 2 lightstands with a umbrella softbox in one and a second separation light behind the model.  

Thankfully, my wife was my great assistant and helped with the second light.  It's always better to have a Voice Activated Lightstand instead of a dummy one!

Overall, I had a wonderful time and Jennifer was awesome to work with! 

She's also a photographer herself and has been focusing on portrait photography.  Check out her page here.