Gastown 604 Cartel Shoot - First Post

Welcome to the inaugural post on my blog!   I want to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out my website and write about one of my first shoot of the year back in January (yes, I know it's a bit late.)

I was invited out to a shoot organized by Dora Kola, owner of 604 Cartel.  She designs and hand make flower crowns and other hair accessories.  For this shoot, Dora assembled a smashing team:

Christie Halina Romanowski & Joshua Rodriguez Fernandez as the models
- Makeup and Hair by Shannon Marie
- Temporary tattoos by Frederic Carrasco from INK

For the location, I chose Gastown in Vancouver as the street lights and surrounding area provides a very interesting background as you'll see in the photos below.  

Those tattoos you see are free hand drawn by Frederic - amazing work no?

For this part, I chose a location that would still capture the feel of Gastown without being right on the main street.  The lighting was a simple 2 light setup as I tend to travel light as I was working mostly by myself.  A single key light with an umbrella softbox and a light slightly behind and to the opposite side of the model provided a separation light.  

My trusty Canon 6D and 85mm f1.2L did the rest by knocking out the background creating a nice background blur.

Moving right along, we proceeded to an alleyway area behind a restaurant that I had scoped out a couple of weeks before to shoot with a different background.  Here, Joshua demonstrates his ballet skills.

The weather was cold but you couldn't tell from the enthusiasm that the whole crew displayed that night!  And strangely for Vancouver, it didn't rain on our parade and we got some awesome photos.

Please visit the artists' websites and profiles for more of their amazing work!