1 Light + 1 Model + 1 Sunset = 5 Photos

As photographers, we know that the light is best at the golden hours (sunset or sunrise).  The other thing we know is that the simplest and lightest setup is probably best when working outdoors.  Here are 5 photos with different moods that I managed to create with the help of Emmie Wong, all within 1.5 hours.

Here's the equipment I used:

  • AlienBee 800
  • 22" Beauty Dish with grid
  • Vagabond battery pack
  • Lighstand and sandbag
  • Canon 6D
  • 85mm f1.2L
  • WIreless radio triggers, Pixel Kings

After that, it was just a matter of placement of the model, background and the light.  

First photo on the left was shot with Emmie placed in the shadow and while the sun still hit the background directly. Here you have to be especially careful about the direction of the light and the model's face.  As you can see, one side goes completely dark due to the shade.

Then we simply turned around and found an area where the sun still reflected off a building in the background and provided some light on Emmie as well.

The exposure was set to underexpose the background slightly and placing the beauty dish again on camera left.

On the second image, we went over to an area with an interesting set of metal sculptures.  Here the sun was already getting low but played a great backlight and rimlight.

The beauty dish was placed camera left instead.

For the 4th shot, there were these yellow grass that was still hit by the sunlight from camera left but the background was already completely in shadow.  The beauty dish was moved to camera right to provide the lighting from the opposite side of the sun.

Finally, we walked back to the starting area where the sun was now completely below the horizon and provided a nice pinkish tint to the background area.

The beauty dish was again placed on camera right but a grid was added so that it was only illuminating Emmie but not any of the other areas.




All in all, it was very fun shoot and shows that a single light and mixing with the sun can produce some very different photos with completely different moods.